Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Putin: Syria chemical arms handover will work only if US calls off (VIDEO)

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Syria's chemical arms handover will only work if the US and its allies renounce the use of force against Damascus - READ MORE http://on.rt.com/2cbbe5

Q: Mr. President, everybody's talking about Syria, chemical weapons and bringing Syria's chemical arsenal under international control. We have just received a report from Washington saying you discussed this matter with President Obama at the G20 summit in St. Petersburg. Is it true? Did you talk about this? And if so, whose idea was it, Obama's or yours? And how realistic do you think this proposal is?

A: It is a well-known fact that Syria has a chemical weapons arsenal, and Syrians have always regarded it as a counterbalance to Israel's nuclear stockpile.

Russia's position on the issue is well-known: we are against the proliferation of any weapons of mass destruction, including both chemical and nuclear weapons.

Given the current situation in Syria, this issue is particularly pressing, and we did discuss this matter on the margins of the G20 summit in St. Petersburg.

In fact, the matter of bringing Syria's chemical weapons under international control has long been a subject of discussion by experts and politicians.

And, like I said, the US president and myself also talked about this on the margins of the summit.

We agreed to step up these efforts and instruct the Secretary of State and the Russian Foreign Minister to work together and see if they can achieve some progress in this regard.

On Sep. 9, we heard US Secretary of State John Kerry saying in a public statement in London that the US thinks this is extremely important for the resolution of the Syrian crisis. We, too, think this is a serious matter which requires thorough consideration.

With the foreign minister of Syria currently on a visit to Moscow, our Foreign Minister Lavrov talked to him, and he then talked to his country's leadership, and we hear that Syria responded positively to this proposal.

Not only do we think this is a viable option, but we really hope that our friends in Syria take this responsible decision and agree not only to bring their chemical weapons under international control but also to have them destroyed, and we hope Syria joins the international convention banning chemical weapons.

I think this will be a big step forward in resolving the Syrian crisis. Of course, all of this will only mean anything if the United States and other nations supporting it tell us that they're giving up their plan to use force against Syria.

You can't really ask Syria, or any other country, to disarm unilaterally while military action against it is being contemplated.

We will work together with Syrians and our US partners, and, like I said, I hope this will be a big step forwards towards a peaceful resolution to the Syrian crisis.

Obama backs Russia's chemical handover proposal, may shelve Syria strike   (VIDEO)       

John Kerry makes proposal for Syria to give up WMDs than says it's a joke.  Syria and Russia accept.  Obama is screwed (VIDEO)

Obama finally caves in to world pressure and will go along with Russia proposal and still try to sell war (VIDEO)

President Obama is willing to "absolutely" put on pause a military strike on Syria if Bashar Assad accepts Russia's proposal to hand over control of the country's chemical weapons to the international community -

READ MORE http://on.rt.com/q7dwxj

The American people have said, fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice and trice, shame, shame on me. (VIDEO)

Syria welcomes Russia's call to handover chemical weapons   (VIDEO)      

John Kerry had offered to stop American strike on Syria if it would turn over all chemical weapons to International groups.  Syria agreed, then John Kerry said his offer was a joke (VIDEO)

Syria has agreed to Russia's proposal that it put its chemical-weapon stockpiles under international control. US Secretary of State John Kerry initially suggested such a scheme - as a way to avoid a military strike on Syria.

The US State Department, though, has since issued an apparent retraction, saying it wasn't a genuine offer. RT's Sean Thomas joins us for more.

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