Friday, September 6, 2013

'Obama to attack Syria regardless how Congress votes' and will not ask for UN approval (VIDEO)

America's envoy to the United Nations singled out Russia for criticism - for its outspoken opposition to strikes.

And that's as the UN chief himself ruled out a military solution to the Syrian crisis - warning that a strike would have tragic consequences and fuel sectarian violence in the region.

Investigative journalist Charlie McGrath has commented on the U.S. envoy's statements - saying international trust in Washington's words has all but eroded.


Sunny said...

This is not President Obama's business ! He will have a world war, that could have been prevented by keeping his nose OUT OF THIS CONFLICT ! It's NOT for him to decide to strike and bomb, when no one has done anything to the United States !

Chimp said...

Hi Sunny. Obama knows the UN won't approve his attack on Syria. Now, he is learning that Congress will probably not approve it either. Now he struts his stuff and says "his army" will attack anyways. He's George W. Bush on steroids!