Friday, September 6, 2013

Is John Kerry A Lizard Person?! (VIDEO)

Secretary of State John Kerry has a strange habit with his tongue.  (VIDEO)

There is a conspiracy theory that there are Lizard people living among us and they have taken over our government. (VIDEO)

SKULL & BONES:  John Kerry and George W. Bush had gay sex hundreds of times during their demonic rituals  (VIDEO)

John Kerry's latest dog and pony show before the Senate as Obama makes his case to bomb Syria under the pretense of more chemical attacks.

John Kerry Is Looking very Strange (VIDEO)

John Kerry looks completely insane while giving his "Attack Syria" speech (VIDEO)

What's physically wrong with John Kerry, he looks like he's having a stroke (VIDEO)

Is John Kerry being animated and controlled by a radio-controlled satellite?  (VIDEO)

Watch John Kerry's tongue sticking out of his mouth like a lizard's tongue during "attack Syria" speech (VIDEO)


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