Sunday, September 1, 2013

How to Get Back-to-School Vaccine Waivers - Dr. Mayer Eisenstein #N3 (VIDEO)

It's Back-to-School season and vaccines are getting pumped into children, but do you need to get vaccinated to go to school? Can you get a vaccine waiver? Can you write your own? Dr. Mayer Eisenstein joins us to dispel the myths and teach you how to opt-out.

Public schools spend a lot of time and money every year trying to make sure all their students are subject to a prescribed series of vaccinations, but what is the reason behind the programs?

While many health officials praise the system, saying the practice has wiped out many diseases, others are not so sure.

There is a growing movement in this country against the practice of wide-spread vaccinations. Claims that vaccines can lead to autism have caused controversy to rage for years. Each side in the argument argues that the other side is not doing science correctly. The group of people speaking out against blanket vaccinations now includes some highly-respected names in medicine.

Parents who wish to avoid vaccinating their children, but who still want to send them to public school, usually require a waiver from their school district. Many parents will be filling out these forms as kids go back to school next month.

Doctor Mayer Eisenstein has degrees from both medical and law schools. He has practiced medicine for nearly four decades, caring for 50,000 children using few to no inoculations. He currently heads the Eisenstein Medical Centers. Doctor Eisenstein is our guest today, and is here to talk to us about school vaccination waivers.

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