Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gitmo 2.0: No plans to shut down 'torture chamber' Bagram prison (VIDEO)

US troops may soon be heading home - but there's still no plan on what to do with Bagram jail - dubbed Guantanamo Bay's sister prison.

The facility saw its heyday in the early stages of the war on terror - gaining a reputation of torture and abuse. It currently holds 67 foreigners - men the US says are too dangerous to let go, but not guilty enough to punish.

RT's Irina Galushko reports, on what the future holds for Bagram. RT is also joined by Moazzam Beg a former prisoner at Bagram and GITMO.

He told us of what he saw ... including allegations of people literally being beaten to death. Author and Journalist Yvonne Ridley joins RT to further explain, she visited Afghanistan in the early stages of the war - and was captured and held hostage by the Taliban.

She later visited Bagram jail - but wasn't even allowed through the front door. She says given its dark history, it's up to the Afghans, to wipe the slate clean.

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