Friday, September 20, 2013

Coca-Cola apologises after customer finds 'YOU RETARD' printed inside bottle cap of sugar water known as VITAMIN WATER

Blake Loates sent this photo to her father Doug, who was appalled at the apparent insult printed in her daughter's soft drink
A worker at the VITAMIN WATER plant probably printed that on the cap knowing that  the cold, hard truth is... Vitamin Water is fortified sugar water. Check the label yourself. MORE:

Blake Loates, from Alberta, Canada, was shocked to read the insulting profanity as she drank from the fruit drink.

She has two half sisters born premature who suffer varying disabilities.

Her father wrote to Coca-Cola underlining how offensive it was to the family.

Coca-Cola apologized, blamed a contest which prints French and English words on the bottom of some lids of the drink.


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