Sunday, March 24, 2013

'The First Tablet For Women' - As Sexist as it Sounds? (VIDEO)

"Are tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire too masculine and intimidating for you? Never fear, the Dubai-based Eurostar Group has an answer to your problem: the ePad Femme, a tablet for women.

Casey Johnston at ars technica reported that the tablet comes already loaded with female-targeted apps, then added, "Thank the heavens, ladies may never trouble their pretty heads with such difficulties as finding and downloading their own apps ever again."*

The ePad Femme is being marketed as "the tablet for women" and it comes preloaded (because downloading is too hard?!) with cooking, yoga, and grocery shopping apps. It also comes in pink. Is this sexist? How did an item that seems so glaringly offensive come to be? Cenk Uygur, Dave Rubin (Rubin Report), and Sam Schacher (Pop Trigger) discuss.

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