Sunday, March 24, 2013

'War on terror' triggers loss of morale within the US army: Gordon Duff (VIDEO)

An American intelligence analyst says the level of morale within the US military has suffered tremendously due to Washington's so called 'war on terror.'

The comment comes as Three US marines are reported killed in a shooting incident at a major military training base in Quantico, Virginia just south of the capital Washington DC.

The shooting originally began at 11 p.m. Thursday, when one individual was reported shot and killed by a suspect who then barricaded himself in the military barracks in a standoff with base authorities that continued into early Friday morning, according to a base spokesman.

The spokesman, Lt. Agustin Solivan, later announced that as authorities at the base gained entry into the barracks where the suspect had barricaded himself, they found dead bodies of the shooting suspect along with yet another victim.

Press TV has conducted an interview with senior editor at Veterans Today, Gordon Duff to further discuss the issue.

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