Sunday, March 24, 2013

'Daily English News - US missile plans against North Korea target China' (VIDEO)

An analyst says talk of a North Korea pre-emptive strike is in contrast with US intelligence and a boost to Alaska's missile defenses is directed toward China.

Following on from President Obama's announcement in 2012 that the US is pivoting concentration of its imperial agenda to the Asia Pacific region, the US has now announced it will strengthen its missile systems in Alaska, increasing its capacity significantly by near 50 percent in response, it says, to the perceived threat from North Korea - specifically the threat of a pre-emptive nuclear attack from North Korea on to the United States. China responded to the announcement saying any move to increase missile defense capacities in Alaska by the US is aimed at China and will only intensify antagonism for China and not help to resolve differences. China considers the US move to be irresponsible.

Press TV has interviewed John McGlynn, political commentator, Tokyo about this issue.

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