Saturday, July 11, 2009

100 words used to describe Sarah Palin ...


"I gotta bag me a lawyer so I can be just like Vice President Cheney. Here, lawyer, lawyer..."

As the U.S. eased into Fourth of July celebrations, Sarah Palin, the Republican Party's 2008 vice-presidential nominee announced she was stepping down as governor of Alaska.

Before Sept. 3 speech at Republican convention
Not ready for prime time
No way, no how, no McCain-Palin
The epitome of tokenism

A blatant pander for the women's vote
A tad reminiscent of the Dan Quayle selection
Dan Quayle with an up-do
Dan Quayle in a dress
Any woman won't do
Looks a lot like Dick Cheney
Dick Cheney in go-go boots
A mile wide and about an inch deep
Political bullshit
Insulting to women
Off the wall
A Hail Mary in first quarter
Ready to lead?
The president-in-waiting? Really?
But seriously. Vice-president?
Sarah Who?
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After 40-minute speech
to convention delegates
A Star is Born
The biggest hot-button political story
in the English-speaking world
A fiery reformer with small-town values
A new celebrity was born
No Dan Quayle
Baberaham Lincoln
Pit bull Palin
Looks as much like change as Barack Obama
A Christian mom on steroids
An American Margaret Thatcher
Beauty queen proves she's no cupcake
Not just rocking but triumphant
Performance was Oscar-worthy
Proved her chops
Passed her first test
Democrats better start worrying
Reliably very, very, extremely conservative
Game changer
This babe bites back
An instant rock star
Barack Who?
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After announcing that she would
step down as governor in Alaska
Remarkable media flameout
In danger of becoming just another celebrity
A hot-headed politician
Very like Diana
Like Nixon
No Ronald Reagan
Not a "maverick" but a flake
A spoiled celebrity
Just pulled a doozy
A flair for the theatrical
Nutty ... a punch line
Whack job
Bull goose loony
Anything but the pugnacious hockey mom
Rolling the dice and betting on herself
"Me" always comes first
BlackBerry governor
Latest Republican headache
Cocky ... bitter
Wassup in Wasilla?
Gone rogue
Surprising, perplexing and just plain fascinating
Blah blah blah ... Help
More to come
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