Thursday, October 24, 2019

President Trump is in Grave Danger of Assassination from the Rogue CIA for Stopping Middle East Black Budget Drug Operations


Folks, “Obama is Alive, Well, and Heading Up the Coup Attempt to Overthrow President Trump and United States Federal Government.” There is a lot of Propaganda being Thrown at You to keep You Confused. Simply put, “Obama (Renagade – Secret Service name) is a Democratic Rogue CIA Agent, using CIA Assets to further his Global Dictatorship Agenda.” He (Obama) and the Company (CIA) are Trying to Establish a Communist Socialist Government under a Dictatorship within The United States of America.

Of course, “it’d never be identified that way,” as “Brain Dead TV Viewers shall Accept whatever Senerio the Agency (CIA) with Obama foster to American Citizens.” What is even Scarier is the Kennedy Effect.

It was the CIA who set up the Former President Kennedy Assassination. It was done because Kennedy Dared Criticize the CIA as being Dangerous having the Power to Conduct a Coup such as happening at this moment in America. If they (CIA) did that to Kennedy for being Critical and not going along with certain Insane Operations (on Book), then what do You Think they (CIA) will do to President Trump if given the Chance, because He (Trump) has “NOW STOPPED THEIR (CIA) MIDDLE EAST BLACK BUDGET DRUG FLOW MIDDLE EAST OPERATIONS!”

This is the Grand Screw in the Minds of CIA Black OPERATIONS PLANNERS. Billions of Dollars in Cash (not Reported) to CIA shall be Stopped. “President Trump is in Incredible Danger from these preverters of Human Suffering,” through “Illegal Drug Sales.” “Obama is currently in the Process of Buying a 14 Million Dollar Mansion.” Where did he (Obama) get that kind of money on a President’s Salary of $400,000 a Year? The Drug Trade Pays Big Bucks Folks!

The United States of America is in Grave Danger as the CIA (Black Operation) Abuses it Power, “Attempting an Overthrow (with Obama) of Our Federal Government.” Wake up to the Reality that the Company (CIA) is Throwing All Sorts of Disinformation about Obama out there to the Public. Nobody can Harm Obama until the Rogue CIA is Taken Down. The Mocking Bird Operation is CIA Total Control of the TV News Media.

They (CIA) Feed The Brain Dead (Psy-Op Tactical Operation) American Public whatever Best Suits Their (CIA) Needs. I have stated on my previous Article and Stand by it, that “Obama shall be Charged with Treason Evading Justice going first to Canada (now given Protection from U.S. Authorities) to Run his U.S. Sanctuary City Deep Cell Operations to Destroy the USA from within,” then, “heading to Kenya (largest U.N. Facility in the World built there for him in 1996) to Run United Nations as a Kenyan Citizen.” This Occurs, “May 19, 2021.” Whereupon He (Obama) shall Enforce his created on December 23, 2016 U.N. Resolution 2334 giving Jerusalem back to Islam.

President Trump shall be Successful in his Bid to Contain, Prosecute, and Bring to Justice, the Rogue Elements of the CIA, which clears the way for Treason Charges Against Obama (then the End begins).

These Events Described are Currently Underway by both Sides, being President Trump with his Legal Government verses Obama with his Black Ops Rogue CIA Operation. Pray for Our Country to Survive this Onslaught of Complete Tyranny, Sedition, Insurrection, and Treason by the Obama Deep State. Folks again I say to You, “Obama is the Predicted Biblical Anti Christ whom Satan shall Indwell.”

True, “He (Obama) was little more then another Chicago Gay Boy,” but “his mother,” a CIA Asset, “paved the way” to the “CIA Manchurian Candidate (Obama),” who shall Explode Onto the Global Scene far Beyond Their (CIA) Wildest Dreams.” The Devil as the Company (CIA) shall Learn, “Supercedes their Power and makes them (CIA) Lap Dogs to Obama (Indwelled by Satan) in the End Game.”

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