Thursday, January 9, 2020

Sen. Mitch McConnell Bypasses Nancy Pelosi! It’s Happening Now! - Great Video


What Pelosi did try when the President was defending the USA over Iran she went to the Courts and tried to place in a 3rd Article without going through the House and Investigate just throw it in there!! Rigged This Tyrant with a Tirade is lost and just plain worthless to the USA and it,s people let alone the voters with no home living on her streets she selectively harvests for votes.

Mitch McConnell, why wait five days? Get it over with now. Everybody in this country knows it’s a farce and wasteful of taxpayers’ money. Just tell the democrats hell no and vote nay on the impeachment and get on with your jobs as senators. Why waste time on a witchhunt that shouldn’t have been started in the first place. Tell Pelosi to go soak her head in a tub of ice water, maybe that will wake her up. Trump and Pence in 2020. God bless.
There is no need for a trial because there was no case

The old drunk witch and her lap dog Chucky !!!

Mitch is fast on them toes. And sharp level headed. He knows how to handle a Drunk.

Dismiss now no argument.

Finally, someone with the smarts and fearless to put the Dems in there place. Dems can dish it out but, can’t take it. It’s about time someone with truth and honesty gets in and does so something about this charaide.


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