Friday, January 10, 2020

Mystery Solved! Biden Hot Mic Moment Explains Exactly Why Hunter Got With His Dead Brother’s Wife

100% Fed Up reports, Joe Biden is just full of great suggestions…Not! He was caught on camera telling a supporter that men should marry into a family with “three or four sisters” because “one of them always loves you.”

Biden with his brother’s wife, and ILHAN Omar with her very alive brother! YIKES! N.N.
Beth Baumann from Town Hall reports, Over the last few months, Hunter Biden has been involved in a child support case with Luden Roberts after a DNA test confirmed he is the father of her child. Roberts worked at Mpire Gentlemen’s Club in Washington, D.C., where Biden frequented. That’s how the two allegedly met. Roberts has, understandably, gone after Biden for child support, health care and legal fees.

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