Saturday, January 11, 2020

AG Barr Reversal Stuns Millions! Abruptly Gives Notice! - Great Video


This is total BS! He was framed! I Hope president Trump pardons him and gives him a job!
Strzok and Comey committed perjury. And the secret policy was lying about or changing words to make it legal to investigate Trump and his team.

Shameful what’s been done too Flynn Never trust this deep state rat 🐀

We had sanctions against IRAN when OBAMA & KERRY did the same, No charges there I guess.

Carter page is not A liar. I believe him over anyone.

IRONIC how the criminally insane want to imprison the sane innocent!

Strategy. sometimes things are not as they seem.

He deserves a pardon and all the wealth he was stripped of.

We the people need to take to the streets in mass if the dirty fbi and doj/ state dept criminals dont get the book thrown at them as well as all involved in U1 and FISA court abuse! This crap is waved in our faces by the guilty and we in numbers have the ability to change it if we actually demand it in mass and it does not matter what party you fall in it matters if you believe in right and wrong and the wrong has been getting over on us for a very long time and it’s time it stops and if those we are paying fail to do thier jobs correctly then we need to git rid of them because you all know you wouldn’t get the same get out of jail free treatment and folks like gen. FLYNN getting jacked while Comey and crew as well as the hrc crime syndicate get over IS NOT JUSTICE NOR IS IT PERMISSIBLE!!



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