Saturday, January 11, 2020

After Pelosi Caves On Impeachment, Sen. McConnell Tells Her It’s Too Late By Supporting Dismissal! - Great Video!


She’s well aware that her cards are all played out and has nothing. All that is going on now is political theater for “unlikely” impact on the voting public.

Pelosi is why here district San Francisco is a Sh*thole!

This woman is bat crap 💩 crazy!

Most likely the democrats are anti-American!
Do our job in nov. Vote these traitors out of office!

She needs to be put out of our misery.


Bravo, Mitch stand your ground, turn over/reverse the Impeachment then sue the Democrats for the waste of taxpayers money, these bogus articles and continued accusations its must be stopped, thanks Senator McConnell A USMARINE Semper Fidelis

Pelosi is a prime example of total insanity. Her goal, turn the whole country into California. Everyone should look at the 1200 laws that just went into effect there as of Jan. 1st 2020. Law makers there are making even communist China look like a free society.



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