Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mayor Banned from Being Near Women After Bizarre Headlock Sex Scandal (VIDEO)

"For nearly two weeks, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has refused to resign in the face of sexual harassment allegations, apologizing for any misbehavior while maintaining his innocence. It has been an awkward dance of acknowledgement and resistance, and one made easier by the anonymity of his accusers. That changed Monday when Irene McCormack Jackson, the mayor's former communications director, accused Filner of sexual harassment in a lawsuit against him and the nation's eighth largest city."*

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is now famous for the "Filner Headlock" - his own patented move to sexually harass and degrade female employees, according to a lawsuit from the mayor's former communications director. Are his days numbered, or is it not possible to kick him out of office? Who sexually headlocks people? Cenk Uygur discusses the many questions in the strange case.

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