Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pope Francis: 'Who Am I to Judge' Gays? (VIDEO)

Is the Pope trying to please the majority of the Vatican's priests who are gay by saying : 'Who Am I to Judge' Gays?  (VIDEO)

"As they settled into their seats on the Alitalia jet, the assembled members of the Vatican press corps might not have expected a great deal from the journey home.

They had just followed the Catholic church's first Latin American pope on a meet and greet around Brazil."*

Is Pope Francis shedding new hope on the Catholic church? In a distinctly tolerant tone, the pope said, "Who am I to judge?" adding that the Church should not marginalize people based on integration. Will the religious-right now go against the pope? Cenk Uygur discusses.


Special Report : Gay Roman Clergy 6/27/13 - homosexual prostitution ring and Satanic groups

The Italian media began reporting earlier today on a group of homosexual priests and possibly bishops being investigated by Roman police and prosecutors for their involvement in a network of young teenage male prostitutes.

Details are now coming out that one of the recruiters for the ring .. a former Rome policeman .. was also involved in stealing consecrated hosts and selling them to Satanists in and around Rome. 



98% of Rome’s Priests Are Gay

Panorama, a magazine owned by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, has just published an exposé on the secret lives of Rome’s gay priests.

They’re not sitting home saying the rosary. Nor are they molesting children, as one might think, given how the Vatican has tried its best to push its ongoing sex with kids scandal onto the backs of gay priests.
Instead, these priests are enjoying the gay night life that the city offers -- visiting bars and having consensual sex with other adults. 
Homosexuality and Roman Catholic priests 



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