Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bank of America protester acquitted of vandalism for writing anti-Bank messages on public side walks using chalk (VIDEO)

Today a San Diego jury acquitted 40 year old Jeff Olson on 13 counts of vandalism and he was also facing a 13-thousand dollars fine.

It took the jury less than five hours to arrive at their decison. It's the case of a San Diego, California artist who was prosecuted for vandalism, after writing anti-Bank messages on public side walks, using chalk. 

Olson's anti-bank messages included one that read: "No Thanks, Big Banks" and another that read: "Shame on Bank of America." 

Over the weekend, in a protest dubbed "Chalk-U-Pie" dozens of supporters drew their own colorful messages in chalk, including the phrase "This is NOT vandalism!".

At the end of the ordeal, Olson said he was relieved it was all over.

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