Monday, July 22, 2013

Activists file first lawsuit over "Ag Gag" filming law (VIDEO)

Utah law that forbids citizens from filming how food animals are raised or killed is being challenged by activists (VIDEO)

RT has been following the story of Amy Meyer, who became the first person the state of Utah tried to prosecute under it's new Ag Gag law.

She was being pursued for filming a slaughterhouse from a public street. Her case garnered so much attention that it was dismissed, but the ag gag law is still on the books. 

A new lawsuit looks to change that.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund, PETA, Professor James McWilliams, Daniel Hauff, CounterPunch and journalist Will Potter have come together to bring a constitutional challenge to the law. 

They argue that it pits journalists and whistleblowers against the state, encroaches on the public's right to know and hinders independent regulation of these industries.

Jeff Kerr, a general counsel at PETA, joins us to tell more.

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