Friday, February 19, 2010

“Peace Is Not In The Best Interest Of A Stable Society”


There was a report written for the US government by anonymous “Professor John Doe” that concluded that peace was not in the interest of a stable society.

This probably explains why the US is planning on everlasting wars. By the time the people tire of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, we will be deep in Pakistan Yemen and Somalia.

It also explains why Dick Cheney invests in his company Halliburton and why the Bush family has its money in the Carlyle Group which invests heavily in the military industrial complex.

The report continues, that even if lasting peace "could be achieved, it would almost certainly not be in the best interests of society to achieve it."

War was a part of the economy. Therefore, it was necessary to conceive a state of war for a stable economy.

The government, the group theorized, would not exist without war, and nation states existed in order to wage war. War also served a vital function of diverting collective aggression.

They recommended that bodies be created to emulate the economic functions of war. They also recommended "blood games" and that the government create alternative foes that would scare the people with reports of alien life-forms and out of control pollution. Another proposal was the reinstitution of slavery.

U.S. News and World Report claimed in its November 20, 1967 issue to have confirmation of the reality of the report from an unnamed government official, who added that when President Johnson read the report, he 'hit the roof' and ordered it to be suppressed for all time.

Additionally, sources were said to have revealed that orders were sent to U.S. embassies, instructing them to emphasize that the book had no relation to U.S. Government policy.

Project Blue Beam is also a common conspiracy theory that alleges that a faked alien landing would be used as a means of scaring the public into whatever global system is suggested.



jadedj said...

What the stupid bastards DON'T know is, there really IS going to be an alien invasion. I was talking to one just last week. It's coming.

Chimp said...

The British just released their "blue book" file where they can't explain 1600 sightings in the last 15 years. So, like the USAF they stopped investigating them.