Thursday, September 17, 2009

Surprising Similarities Between George Bush and Sarah Palin


George W. Bush as cheerleader at Yale

By Chimpplanet

George And Sarah have so much more in common besides being White Christian Republicans. Some have suggested that Sarah is George Bush in a dress since they are so much alike in so many ways.

She was a beauty queen and George was a cheerleader.

Both were governors, he of Texas and she of Alaska. As governors, they both aspired to the US presidency.

Both claim to have heard the voice of God.

George and Sarah both can answer press questions with completely incoherent answers.

Palin ran an administration that put a premium on loyalty and secrecy same as George did during his governorship and presidency.

Palin, like Bush, is known to pave the way for her heckofjobs to replace professionals. “Brownie” at FEMA was Bush’s shining example.

Sarah’s base is identical to that of George. It is comprised of right wing religious extremists and social conservatives.

Palin also shares Bush’s contempt for the First Amendment.

Palin clearly demonstrates that she supports Bush’s authoritarian style of leadership. Oversight, transparency and accountability are their worst nightmares.

George and Sarah both admit to having smoked marijuana. Unlike Clinton, Republicans do inhale.

George went AWOL from the National Guard. Sarah went "AWOL" from the Alaska Governorship.

Like George, Sarah surrounded herself with a small inner circle of loyalists, friends and cronies. These folks were as incompetent as George’s entourage.

Neither speaks English acceptable by educated Americans. Both pronounce “nuclear” as “noo-ku-lar”

Bush never traveled outside the US before he took office as President. Palin, lied that she did, but really never traveled outside the US before running for Vice President.

The y both come from the two largest land mass states in the United States: Alaska and Texas.

Dumb and dumber.

Sarah Palin beauty pageant in Wasilla


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