Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sarah Palin can see China from her house, too


OK, so it's going to be a really short speech.

We're talking about Sarah Palin's maiden voyage to Hong Kong this month to enlighten a premier investment conference on prospects for a region she has never visited.

That is, if she shows up. The former U.S. vice presidential wannabe has a well-documented track record of reneging on speaking gigs.

It seems a win-win. Palin gets another stamp in her rather thin passport and pads her world experience.

Saturday Night Live comedian Tina Fey once said in a sketch that Palin could see Russia from her house; maybe now she can claim Palin has a view of mainland China.

CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, at whose Sept. 21-25 event Palin will speak, will get tons of coverage. Never mind if it's of the did-she-really-say-that? kind.

What in the world is CLSA thinking?

Other than introducing her audience to folksy colloquialisms such as "you betcha," "you're darn tootin" or giving tips on field-dressing a moose, it's hard to know what intellectual fortitude she will add at an event attended by 1,300 fund managers from 32 countries managing more than $10 trillion of assets.



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She's the perfect presidential hopeful. he has all the qulities. Even better thasn George Bush. She just needs a "Dick" Cheney to tell her what to do.