Monday, September 28, 2009

Sarah Palin Relying on Facebook to Spread Her "Preachings"


Palin is the only politician of note who relies almost exclusively on the Internet to get her message out.

There are a few reasons for Pailn's slavish reliance on social media to stay relevant.

Palin is grammatically-impaired to put it kindly, but this isn't a liability in cyber space where non-standard abbreviations, misspellings, and non-sequiturs are the norm.

The Internet is the perfect milieu for an ignoramus like the former governor of Alaska.

In cyberspace Palin can spout her nonsense without being challenged by journalists, educators and other intellectuals.

Palin can tweet that she just saw Putin dance a jig from her back porch, and there will be no Katie Couric to contradict her.

Twitter is a perfect venue for a polarizing figure; Palin doesn't need more than 142 characters to fire off a tweet that will rally the conservative base.

Sarah Palin has an army of Twitter followers, and that's a very scary situation. Palin can marshal these forces for Tea Parties and other nefarious events.

But all hope is not lost; Obama is the only politician who has more Twitter followers than Palin.

The intelligent, articulate and measured Obama is the true hope and voice of America, and not the nitwit Palin.


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