Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sarah Palin To Release her Twits and Rants In "Rogue" Memoir Book


This Enquirer article is probably more factual than the memoirs she will publish in November

Sarah Palin, last year's Republican vice-presidential candidate who became a figure of global fascination, is to release her memoir just four months after her book deal was announced.

Publisher HarperCollins said Palin's memoir, titled "Going Rogue: An American Life", would be published on Nov. 17 after originally being scheduled for release in spring 2010.

She has not disclosed how much she would be paid by the publisher for her memoir.

During the electoral campaign she was criticised for being inexperienced and for describing herself as a "hockey mom", joking that the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull was lipstick.

The former beauty queen was ridiculed for saying her foreign policy experience was bolstered by Alaska's proximity to Russia across the Bering Strait. Her family also came under scrutiny when her 18-year-old unwed daughter Bristol had a baby.

Palin abruptly resigned as Alaska's governor in July, citing a variety of reasons for quitting - the burden of fighting nearly two dozen ethic charges which she had dismissed as "frivolous", her desire to avoid being perceived as a powerless "lame-duck" governor, and a "higher calling", among others.


The “higher calling” was the money she needs to make fast (while she’s still infamous) in order to pay for $500,000 in debt.

Hope someone does a fact check on the crap she writes in her memoir.

Many say that Sarah seems to them like George W. Bush in a skirt. Now I know where Bush's speech writers found a part-time gig.

At least this Alaska hockey puck mom gets to shop in New York’s Fifth Avenue for herself instead of letting the Republican Party buy her clothes.



Punch said...

the Memoir of a Rogue Hockey Mom.
Sounds delicious,
will it have a CenterFold?
Scrach and sniff?
a tell all about the first night
with the first dude?
gots to have one.
or not.

Chimp said...

"...and I did too make breakfast for my children! And I do know how to shoot a gun! And Todd is not a garage beer drinker! And thst was my child even if I didn't look pregnant! And I did see Putin taking out the garbage!"