Monday, September 28, 2009

Honduras suspends civil liberties amid calls for 'rebellion' following US coup


Honduras' ousted president Manuel Zelaya gestures during a news conference at the Brazilian embassy. Photograph: Edgard Garrido/Reuters

Interim leaders empower police to break up 'unauthorized' meetings as ousted president Manuel Zelaya urges supporters to march

Honduras's interim leaders suspended key civil liberties last night in response to "calls for insurrection" by ousted president Manuel Zelaya, empowering police and soldiers to break up "unauthorized" public meetings, arrest people without warrants and restrict the news media.

The announcement came just hours after Zelaya called on supporters to stage mass marches today to mark the three-month anniversary of the 28 June coup that ousted him.

Zelaya described the marches as "the final offensive" against the interim government.

Zelaya, who surprised the world when he sneaked back into the country last Monday and holed up in the Brazilian embassy, is demanding he be reinstated to office, and has said that the government of interim president Roberto Micheletti "has to fall".


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