Saturday, December 27, 2008



Israel will listen to calls for "restraint' when pigs fly!!

... and you (Americans) paid for it all!

They probably were not terrorists before. But they sure as hell are now!

This was the raid that ended the cease fire in Gaza.

And there is the real agenda behind this morning's attacks; to wreck the government the Palestinian people voted for.

And again, no mention that Israel broke the cease fire on November 5th with their unprovoked attack that killed 6 Palestinians.

Nor did the United States make any comments back on November 5th when Israel broke the cease fire.

Again, here is the problem. Israel is not attacking missile launchers. It is attacking the civil infrastructure of a government elected by the Palestinian people.

The selection of targets is what gives away that the real agenda is to wreck Gaza rather than to stop the Qassams.

If Israel really wanted the Qassams to stop, they would give the Gazan police the equipment and supplies to hunt down the people shooting the rockets. Instead the Israelis are doing everything they can to make sure the Gazan police are unable to do anything at all. One has to wonder why that is?

And then the bombs come.

Okay, here is the total giveaway that this is all a deadly hoax.

If Israel really was worried about the Qassam, why would they destroy the only civil force working to stop those attacks?

That's like Russia saying it wants to stop terrorism happening in the US and then attacks our army and police force. It should be obvious that the real agenda is to crush the government, and terror is just the excuse.

We know when Israeli politicians lie to their countrymen and the world: they open their mouths, and they speak.

Translation: the timing of these raids was to maximize the injury and death for Gazan Palestinian kids. and their parents.

Note that Israel, despite the rhetoric about stopping the Qassam rockets, is targeting the elected HAMAS officials.

... in response to Israel's November 5th raid that killed 12 and 13 year old Palestinian boys that broke the cease fire.

You know, the guys the Palestinians actually voted for!



Anonymous said...

No, in Gaza the police didn't do anything to stop the Qassams that were fired at Israel. Enough with mentioning the "Palestinian kids" sympathy propaganda, you are making a fool out of yourself. Hamas members are cowards that hide in civilian areas and murder Palestinians themselves, yet I don't see you ranting about that.

Get a clue and stop looking for some sort of a conspiracy or hoax that's involved in this, it's much more complex than just choosing a side.

Anonymous said...

Excellent site. These creatures never cease to amaze me.

You might appreciate this one as well:

Sunny said...

Hello Chimp. Nice to see you back blogging again. I know you missed it! That's scarey music you have playing, like a death march or something :(

Eric Vaughan said...

When all the leftists hit a brick wall of absolute silence on this topic, there will be no doubts as to the absolute truths of the concepts that are brushed away as "canards," will there?

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." George Orwell, Animal Farm.

Chimp said...

There's a lot to learn from "Animal Farm". Orwell was ahead of his time in this book and in "1984".