Friday, December 26, 2008

Join the US Army for "Food and Shelter"


Military recruiters having no trouble filling quotas. With jobs scarce, military recruiters are filling their quotas.

"In a crumbling economy, jobs disappear and opportunities fade. But one employer always has openings: the U.S. military.

Just four years after South Florida recruiters struggled to meet even half their quotas, the Army is exceeding enlistment goals by appealing to a wide range of candidates who see limited job options in the civilian world."


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jadedj said...

This is pathetic...I'm not sure that people who would join the army for these reasons are exactly missing out on prime jobs in the first place. What is pathetic is the idea that the army is a viable "career" in the first place. As a Vietnam vet, OCS graduate, who couldn't have been more "gung ho" at the time of my graduation, I can attest to just how fucked up the army actually is. If one has no motivation beyond "win one for the Gipper" and 3 squares a day, great career.