Monday, December 29, 2008


By Chimpplanet

When Israel invaded South Lebanon in July of 2006, George Bush gave them one month to slaughter as many Lebanese as they could before he "asked" Israel to stop.

When that slaughter was over, over 2,000 Lebanese were killed, over 1,300 of these were innocent civilians including babies, children and women.

This time, Israel has less than a month to do their killing as George Bush will leave office on January 20th. So,Israel must complete it's slaughetr by then. Just as in Lebanon where Israel claimed there were no civilian casualties (I guess 1,300 is the same as none) this time Israel is claiming there are no civilan casualties as journalist photos prove otherwise.

The Israelis now must hurry as there are only 23 days remaining until Barack Obama takes office and he just might "ask" Israel to stop

We don't know that yet as most American politicians have sworn allegiance to Israel and have taken Israel's large donations in order to get elected.

Hurry, Israel, before the world indignation catches up with you and before Obama takes office. Kill as many as you can so you can return home and say: "Never Again!".


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Sunny said...

Hammas (spelling?) fired upon them, first. I think that Israel is just fighting back.

This could have been prevented. Hammas did'nt have to choose to fire, but they did.

It's so sad, and now so many have been killed, and it's going on ALL over.

STOP the killing, people of the world.