Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Katrina called Bush's biggest blunder

In all the recriminations and reviews of the Bush presidency, the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and subsequent Iraq war have loomed large.

"Politically, it (Katrina) was the final nail in the coffin," agreed Dan Bartlett, former White House communications director and later counselor to the president.


(Katrina may have been the nail in the coffin but 9/11, lies to Iraq war, 2 stolen elections, locking people up for years with no trial, torture of prisoners, attempt to destroy Social Security, billions "lost" by Pentagon, the death of over 5,000 American kids, the wounding of over 30,000, the extreme loyalty to Israel, the taking away of Americans' Constitutional rights, the illegal eavesdropping and reading of America's phones, e-mails and snail mail, false flag attacks, the outing of a CIA agent for political reasons, the secretness of the administration and many other policies allowed riggormortis to set in before Bush was put in the coffin. - Chimp)


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