Tuesday, December 23, 2008

History will vindicate Bush administration, Rice says


US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice acknowledged Monday that the Bush administration fell short of goals it had set for itself but maintained that history would prove it right.

"Over time I think that the fact that America has stood for the Arab world and for the Arabs to have the same rights and the same ability to live in freedom as we have, that that will ultimately be respected," Rice said.


(Can this woman be so delusional as to make these statements, particularly about the Arab world's perception of the Bush presidency with an absolutely straight face?!?!

What the Arab world understands full well is the fact that the US can never be perceived by them as "an honest broker in the Middle East".

They full well understand the "Svengali effect" of Israel on US foreign policy. That effect engendered an attack on Iraq, because Iraq was an alleged "existential threat" to Israel. And no matter that the attack and occupation of Israel has proven to have been justified by a pack of lies, that was what we had to do: kill and maim Iraqis so the Israelis wouldn't have to soil their hands doing it.

They are desperately trying to do the same regarding Iran, although hopefully, the next administration will be much less carnage-prone than the current one when it comes to wars without end.

And her comment about "...Hamas wreaking havoc in Gaza...". Secretary Rice, when was the last time you planted your designer-shoe clad feet on the ground in Gaza to get a real assessment of what is happening there? Does the word "never" have a good chance of being an apt description?

As well documented by UN Human Rights Commission Documents you have probably studiously ignored, because of the Israeli siege, the people of Gaza are starving; some are eating grass just to survive. Malnutrition in children under 5 leaves irreversible damage.

Of course, this is one of the outcomes Israeli politicians understand will happen to the children of Gaza.

The medically fragile and ill (including infants) are being denied access to medical care which could save their lives. Y

ou must have some family member with a kid, or an infant, somewhere. Imagine knowing that care to save their lives was possible, but that child was not being allowed to access that care because they are the wrong ethnic group???

Does that not have some resonance for you, Madame Secretary?!?

I have a news flash for you: when a legendary champion of human rights, the Bishop Desmond Tutu, makes the observation that what is going on in the Israeli treatment of Palestinians is tantamount to apartheid, this guy should be afforded at least a little "street cred" for his opinion.

And now for the "coup de grace" for Gazan Palestinians, courtesy of the IDF. There will be an assault coming, in the very near future, which may well wipe out scores of non-combatants (who are, courtesy of malnutrition and illness) going to be one heck of a lot easier to "pick off" because of their weakened physical state. Israeli diplomats have been instructed to fan the world in a "charm offensive" to justify this impending slaughter.

But this time, Madame Secretary, something will be different. This carnage will be covered from cellphone cameras, other cameras, and be all over the net in a matter of minutes from when it happened.

The world will then see who is truly responsible for the "havoc" in Gaza. - WRH)


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