Saturday, July 4, 2020

I saw something miraculous last night. I watched President Trump's Mt. Rushmore Rally for a few hours.

By Alison van Gestel
July 4, 2020
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I saw something miraculous last night that I'm going to share with all of you. I watched the Mt. Rushmore Rally for a few hours. I know that there were 125,000 tickets available to people who wanted to be a part of something really BIG. That number was reduced to a lottery of 7,500 people that were allowed to attend...and they didn't know until Thursday, the day before, if they would hit the jackpot. The climate in the Black Hills of South Dakota was dogged by evil forces most of the day. There were protesters who were blocking access to the area. They damaged cars and punctured tires. Once it got underway, the orchestral music left something to be desired. No television coverage except on the internet. The showing of the Blue Angels in the sky lasted only seconds. The show started with Mary Hart, a television host, who was born in South Dakota, and as she spoke there was another voice echoing everything she said. Same thing happened to our President. Everybody looked perplexed about what was happening and tried to make light of it. Big cameras were practically on top of the President and his family and the Presidential security folks. BUT, in spite of all that my President, your President, and the President of these great United States gave us the best possible speech of Love, Hope,and Pride, and showed the world what a capable, decent, man we have leading our Country...and God willing, we will have him as our leader for a few more years. I have never experienced the same amount of pride in anyone as I did for Donald J. Trump last night. We will see a new kind of hope for a country that lost its Republic in 1871. He will take this country to great heights and we will all be witness to another miracle. Where We Go One We Go All!

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