Saturday, July 18, 2020


Today the public have been told via the mainstream press that UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock is now ‘looking into’ how data regarding coronavirus fatalities is being recorded. This, despite months of reporting by dissenting journalists who have been challenging the official government line raising this issue. 
We’re told all this comes after Public Health England (PHE) confirmed that people who are dying of natural causes are also being counted as ‘COVID deaths’ by virtue of the fact that they had previously tested positive for the virus.
Officials are calling this ‘a strange anomaly,’ but it’s much more than that.
Quite clearly, Hancock and the Tory government are implementing damage control here, as this scandal is rapidly being spread across the public discourse, and for fear that the much wider scale of the quasi-legal statistical fraud might be revealed.
One can well imagine the consternation of Britain’s police services and other authoritarian body, and of retailers too if it is disclosed that they have been penalising and subduing dissent based on COVID fraud.
Dying *of* coronavirus? Or dying *with* coronavirus. The distinction is crucial, in medicine and statistics. So what do the official figures actually mean? ~ Peter Hitchens

By calling for an urgent review, the Johnson regime hopes to avoid a likely backlash from what can only be described as a historic fiasco for Public Health England and Westminster.
All of the governments seemingly half-baked policies, from Lockdown to shutting down normal NHS services (making it a de facto COVID only health service), to nonsensical ad hoc ‘social distancing’ regulations, mass testing, contact tracing, to mandatory masks, to school closures, travel bans and quarantines, to its rush to push-out an experimental coronavirus vaccine, are all predicated on what seems very likely to be a false perception that COVID-19 is an unprecedented ‘pandemic’ and therefore requires unprecedented mitigation measures.
It seems that the government can no longer hide that it has been counting scores of people who’ve died from natural causes as COVID deaths. One can only guess just how many deaths have been wrongly recorded in this way.
A source says that, ‘We noticed that hospital deaths were falling but community deaths were up and wondered why. It turns out you could have been tested positive in February, recovered, then hit by a bus in July and you’d be recorded as a COVID death.’
Essentially, PHE is counting people if they die of any cause at any time after previously testing positive for COVID.
So by this government measure, one can never ‘recover’ from the virus. They simply keep the ‘death meter’ running forever, which is effectively padding their statistics and thus justifying any policy which is being drifted out each day.
This can only be described as fraudulent data gathering and recording by health officials, which has unfortunately been swallowed, unquestioningly, by politicians and the mainstream media for the last 4 and half months.
What’s more, these figures are concealing an even bigger scandal, more likely these numbers are driving excess mortality. The inconvenient truth that most of these are in fact Lockdown deaths, and not COVID deaths. Source. VIDEO
MICHAEL WALSH is a worldwide journalist, broadcaster and author of 64 book titles with 36 years experience. Like other journalists of integrity, he no longer writes for corporate media, opting instead for true journalism.

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