Thursday, July 23, 2020

Forced Masking of America Paving the Way for Bill Gates’ ‘Final Solution’

Internet Comment on Article: “Not only are some public buildings requiring masks, but the employees chastise you to adjust your mask if it slips a down exposing even a 16th of an inch of nostril-‘happened to me at a Fairfax County public library and the Container Store.”

The politicization of facemasks is growing more acute by the day, squeezing non-mask wearers out of stores and offices and casting them aside like collateral damage destined for the societal Dumpster.
We should not be surprised.

Bill Gates informed us early on in the pandemic that we would not be allowed to “return to normal until the entire world is vaccinated.” Adoring news reporters quoted him saying this as though they were talking to God himself.

Now, they are pushing the mask to ensure that their god’s prophecy comes true. No normalcy allowed. The vaccine is not yet ready!

The mask is a sign of fear, submission and obedience to the media-driven hysterical over-reaction to this virus by governments and corporations. This virus is in fact no more deadly than the seasonal flu and far less so in children. This is a very manageable disease, with a recovery rate of 99.7 percent. But, when you see masks everywhere, it’s easy to believe that the country that placed men on the moon just can’t get a handle on this invisible enemy.

If you acquiesce to the mask edicts, that’s fine, it’s your decision. But don’t be naïve and think for one minute that forced masking is not part of a greater agenda that involves forced vaccinations — which Gates called his “Final Solution” to the coronavirus. And if you think this will be just another of the many “normal vaccinations,” you are deceived. Big Pharma has never developed an effective vaccine for a coronavirus [one of which is the common cold].

So not only are they developing something completely new, they are rushing it to market.

It’s clear that the mask shaming is part of a dry run for the coming vaccine, which has been placed on a fast track by President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.

President Trump assured us the vaccine will not be mandatory.

But that should not be taken seriously by anyone who is awake and watching how mayors, governors and corporations have been acting with the mask.

I live in Georgia, where Gov. Brian Kemp has not mandated masks. And, yet, it is getting seriously difficult to find a grocery store where you can enter mask-free. We non-maskers have been reduced to Dollar General, outdoor markets and fruit stands.

Why is that? The government isn’t forcing this in Georgia, so who is?

What’s happening is another case of our side being outmaneuvered and out organized by the left.
I have been in contact with friends in the grocery-store industry and they tell me they are bombarded daily with calls and in-person complaints from people trying to bully them into requiring masks on every single shopper in their stores.

Our side, those who still believe that our health and our dress-code are personal decisions, is largely silent.

Because conservatives tend to place a higher value on individual liberty, the vast majority of the cry-babies out there calling and vilifying store managers for not mandating masks are Democrats. Those confronting non-mask wearers in store aisles and berating them are mostly Democrats. That’s because Democrats are collectivists. They don’t see people as individuals created in the image of God and capable of making their own decisions.

Conservatives, even those who wear masks, most likely do not wish to make it a crime for those who don’t. That’s just the way we are. But the left is always intolerant of opposing opinions and skilled in the use of coercive tactics. Hence, they have mounted a Twitter campaign to shame any company not requiring masks while bombarding these companies with high-pressure calls, emails and in-person visits, some threatening to sue if the company doesn’t bow to their demands.

The entire thrust of the Democrats and their media lackeys is to create enough panic so that governors will reverse course and lock their citizens back down in their homes, so they can collapse the economy ahead of the Nov. 3 election and blame the carnage on Trump. Everyone knows this. So why are we aiding their program of fomenting false panic by wearing masks?

If we can’t compete with the left on organization, we must honestly assess our options going forward. We can now be denied service based on what we wear and because we refuse to follow the media-led herd. And when the media-led herd is jumping to the dictates of the mad doctor and Bill Gates crony, Anthony Fauci, who has been wrong about every single facet of this virus, then we quickly find ourselves relegated to second-class status.

The only way to survive in Gates’s “new normal” will be to develop a network of service providers who work off the surveillance grid of Big Brother. These will be small mom and pops and sole proprietors. Now is the time to seek them out. Doctors, dentists, meat cutters, fruit growers, small farms selling eggs out of a backyard shed. Many will have to accept cash because hard currency is gradually being phased out in favor of digital dollars. Eventually, we will need to barter after cash is gone.


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