Monday, February 10, 2020

REPOST: The Reason Trump Called Him - Little Adam Schitt - Panic in DC


Isn’t this the best Thanksgiving ever?!

Not only has the Maestro, joined by FLOTUS, “officially pardoned this year’s National Thanksgiving Turkey, Peas—and his alternate, Carrots”, tweet but he also tweeted the accompanying KILLING JOKE to help us start the conversation at the dinner table: tweet.
Little Adam Schitt. Hahahaha! Priceless. I’ll never get enough of this! :)
What do you do when the Maestro sends you a jewel like this? After laughing about it and sharing its Presidential Unpresidentiality (yeah, you first heard it here, it will be in history books one day) with friends, family, colleagues and clueless trollable Trump professional haters, you sit down and try to find the deeper meaning and how it relates to Q.
Q786 There is a purpose for every tweet and crumb dropped.
Q850 News unlocks MAP.
This tweet came the day after Trump promised federal support to California and toured the damage from its most devastating wildfire with democrat Gov. Jerry Brown and Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom link. This elegant move from the Maestro caused Gov. Brown to bury his past feud with him and state that Trump has ‘got our back’. Well, goodbye Little Adam. All this is happening in your State and you are not involved…
As we can see in this image, there are multiple references to Adam Schitt on the Q board. Each of these references is a huge story in itself. We have the West Hollywood Standard hotel pedophilia related death cover up and how controlled Adam tried to pay the favor, we have the BDT 2017 New York City attempted bombing and the related $7.8 mm, we have the 19 people heavily guarded meeting to help RR prevent the release of the FISA C-info, we have his 42m13 recorded phone call with Valerie Jarrett and finally, we have Allison Mack’s testimony providing additional proofs about what happened in the Standard hotel and how it is related to its General Manager helicopter crash. As you can see, Adam has been very busy… Which one of these juicy stories is the Maestro pointing at in his tweet? To answer this question, we must first understand why the Maestro changed F to T. For those who are just joining us, as usual, we assign to each letter the number corresponding to its position in the English alphabet: A=1, B=2, C=3… Z=26. Since F=6 and T=20, we notice the Maestro walked 14 steps to transform F to T. The number 14 can be written 13+1, which is exactly the time stamp of the tweet: 1:01 PM or 13:01. Coincidence? No. The Maestro is letting us know the relevant numbers of the tweet are 1 and 3. Now let’s look at the Adam Schiff occurrences on the Q board: in which drops are 1 and 3 appearing? Yes, the 01-31 Standard Hotel cover up drops. This is what the Maestro is pointing at. This is what we were looking for.
These 11 Jan 31 2018 drops are pure beauty. Not only Adam Schiff’s two F’s were captured in this conversation with an anon for further transformation: Img2
But then, they started morphing to T: Img3
And finally became T: Img4
As you can see, in this last drop, the anon capitalized the transformed last name. The conversation Q had with this anon allowed Schiff’s two ending Fs to be changed to one T. Where was the other T? It was kept for the Maestro. The Maestro dropped it 292 days later in this epic Adam Schitt tweet and applied his final presidential seal to Schiff’s transformation… Img5
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