Saturday, February 29, 2020

Jeffrey Epstein accuser claims he killed himself to avoid paying victims

A Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking victim who claims she was forced to marry one of his associates says the multimillionaire perv committed suicide to escape paying the women he preyed on, according to a new court filling.

The woman, identified as Katlyn Doe, claims a number of actions taken by Epstein prior to his August 2019 suicide at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan show he likely killed himself specifically to avoid shelling out to his victims.

“Among the very significant facts are that Epstein initially attempted suicide in the Metropolitan Correction Center just one day after being served with a civil complaint seeking punitive damages,” say papers filed in Manhattan federal court.

“And, thereafter, Epstein executed a last Will and Testament directing how his vast assets would be devised. Just two days later, Epstein committed suicide,” the papers add.

Epstein also studied the law and likely knew he could potentially escape paying those he harmed if he committed suicide, Doe’s lawyer argued in the filing.

“It would stand to reason that he no doubt knew about the law in New York generally prohibiting punitive damages against an Estate, and in this situation where he was calculatedly attempting to shield his wealth from victims, he decided the best way to do so was to take his own life,” the filing states.

Doe argued in the filing that it would be “perverse public policy” to allow Epstein’s estate to escape paying the money she’s seeking because of his suicide.

Doe’s lawyers made the argument in response to a motion to dismiss her claim by Epstein’s lawyers.

His lawyers argued punitive damages could not be recouped by Doe from Epstein’s estate because New York law disallows it.

But because Epstein likely committed suicide specifically to escape paying his victims, the law should not apply to his estate, Doe’s lawyers argued.

Separately, the $577 million estate has formed a victims compensation fund to deal with the torrent of accusers seeking recompense.

An attorney for Epstein’s estate did not immediately return a request for comment.

In her original complaint, Doe claimed she was 17 when she first met Epstein in 2007 and spent the next seven years traveling to his homes in Manhattan, Florida and the US Virgin Islands for the sole purpose of having sex with him.

In 2013, Epstein coerced her into marrying one of his female recruiters, “Associate 3,” so that the recruiter could obtain legal status to “remain in the country to work for him,” the suit said.


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