Monday, February 10, 2020

REPOST: Q Crumbs! What Happened at the Standard Hotel in Room 325? (Video)

Interesting Q Crumbs about the Standard Hotel Room 325. A commenter made some interesting points about the film Hostel and some of the scenarios going on with this room. Or the weird HBO show Room 104 was it by the people that did Stranger Things.

I am shocked that rarely but for one time has anyone mentioned the horror movie Hostel 1 and Hostel 2 in comparison to Podesta’s Wet Rooms/Pool Parties. The horror film Hostel 1 and 2 was not fiction, it was an open scoffing brag of what is going on globally. Hostel horror movie was nothing more than reenacted documentaries that would in a sick way legalize snuff films .
So when it’s done as a reenactment , technically what was originally an illegal snuff film they can legally sell it and make millions off of it legally. I take the stance that the film wasn’t made for good intentions to get the word out in hopes people wake up, i lean towards the idea that they were attempting to make more customers by wetting unknowing viewers appetite forming an acquired taste via exposure to it. Temporary Life

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