Friday, October 25, 2013

Use Nuclear Weapon Against Iran, Says Top GOP Donor (VIDEO)

Republican wants to use nuclear bomb on Iran to stop them from getting nuclear bomb (VIDEO)

"Casino mogul, and donor of millions of dollars to Republican campaigns and hawkish think tanks, Sheldon Adelson on Tuesday suggested that the use of a nuclear weapon against Iran could help end Tehran's nuclear program once and for all. Adelson was speaking on a panel called ""Will Jews Exist? Iran, Assimilation and the Threat to Israel and Jewish Survival," at Yeshiva University, a private school in New York City. According to video taken and posted by Mondoweiss, Adelson scorned the current talks going on between the international community and Iran as not going nearly far enough to convince Iran not to acquire a nuclear weapon. "What are we gonna negotiate about?" Adelson scoffed, instead offering a much more direct method of convincing Iran to halt its enrichment activities...".

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