Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pope Expels Germany's "Bishop of Bling" (VIDEO)

Pope temporarily expels German 'luxury bishop' after construction of $42M residence complex (VIDEO)

Pope Francis temporarily expelled a German bishop from his diocese on Wednesday because of a scandal over a $42 million project to build a new residence complex, which reportedly cost at least six times more than planned.




US Catholic Church a $170 billion business
The church does not release financial data, but a lengthy report by The Economist last year said annual spending by the Vatican and church-owned entities in the U.S. alone was about $170 billion in 2010. 
"The molestation and rape of children by priests in America has resulted in more than $3.3 billion of settlements over the past 15 years,"

The Economist notes, "$1.3 billion of that in California." And while that might seem a small sum for an organization that can dole out $170 billion, most of those settlements were made by local religious orders and dioceses, which have had to scramble to find those funds.


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