Saturday, October 5, 2013

Police climb through innocent family's bedroom window, shoot their 2 dogs - No warrant, no evidence (VIDEO)

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, FL -- An innocent Florida family was terrorized by police who broke into their bedroom at 10:30 PM on Tuesday and opened fire on their pet dogs.

Police were searching the area for a person of interest. Without any evidence or a warrant, they decided to climb into the home of Cristina Moses and her fiance Travis Nicholas, right through a bedroom window.

The couple was awoken to the sound of intruders in their home -- at least six of them -- and were quickly dragged from their bedroom and into the hallway. Guns were aimed at them and they had boots placed on their backs.

"The cops threw Cristina on the ground, cussing," Nicholas said. "It was obvious that I'm not armed because I'm in my boxers."

Then the couple witnessed their two dogs get shot by police. Police claim that an officer was bitten, but the couple says they witnessed it clearly and their story contradicts the officers'.

"I'm in the doorway so I can see into the bedroom, and I see him shooting across the bed ... to my dogs that are on the opposite side of a queen-sized bed," Moses said. "I heard five shots go off. Around the third shot, I hopped up and I went 'No stop. No.' And he continued to fire a couple more shots after that," she said.

Moses was then detained in a patrol car for more than an hour because she "wouldn't shut up."

"All I did was keep asking if they could tell me what happened to my dogs," she said. "All they said was 'We'll take care of that later.'"

"Deputies entered the house through the open window in an effort to locate the suspect and to assure the safety of the occupants," says the police press release.

One dog had to be euthanized because of its injuries, the other survived with a leg wound.

America's Violent Police Force - 2013! (VIDEO)

NORTH ATTLEBORO, Mass. (09/1/13) -- The North Attleborough Police Department is speaking out after a video of a violent confrontation between officers and a suspect was widely circulated on the Internet. The department issued a press release after a video was released showing officers in a violent struggle with one man, ordering him to the ground, and hitting him with what appeared to be batons.

Long Beach, CA -- (September 2, 2013) The Long Beach Police Department is defending its actions after a viral video posted this week showed officers with batons beating a man whose family later said they would file a lawsuit. In the video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Monday, a man identified as 46-year-old Porfirio Santos-Lopez is seen lying on his back as four police officers stand over him.

Detroit, MI -- In May 2013, the Detroit cops charged two brothers who are college students with assaulting two officers at a coney island on Detroit's east side in May. Media sources report that the brothers say they were the victims. The video certainly raised questions, and left many asking why the cops approached the two men inside the restaurant when it appeared as if they'd done nothing wrong. The officers say when they were investigating inside the Coney Island, one of the officers extended his hand and asked one of the brothers to step back, but he slapped the officers hand in return. At that point the police officer responded with force. The Detroit police department reviewed the video and concluded that the officers used justifiable force in the situation.

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