Sunday, October 20, 2013

'Kidnap Team' Forces Jewish Husbands To Divorce | Rabbis Arrested (VIDEO)

ONLY $60,000: Rabbi has kidnap team to force Orthodox Jewish husbands  to agree via torture to divorce their wives (VIDEO)

Rabbi Epstein kidnapped and tortured husbands with electric shock to balls to get them to agree to divorce wives (VIDEO)

"In Brooklyn's ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods, Mendel Epstein made a name for himself as the rabbi to see for women struggling to divorce their husbands.

Among the Orthodox, a divorce requires the husband's permission, known as a "get," and tales abound of women whose husbands refuse to consent.

While it's common for rabbis to take action against defiant husbands, such as barring them from synagogue life, Rabbi Epstein, 68, took matters much further, according to the authorities.".

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