Saturday, October 5, 2013

'Instead of tea I got a mouth of bacon!': TGI Friday's staff 'tricked devout Muslim woman into tasting PORK after cramming bits of it in her drink straw'

Teachable moment: Queen, 32, who has become a an activist for the American Muslim community since her conversion six years ago, hopes TGI Friday's would offer its employees sensitivity training

Nicole Queen, a devout Muslim convert, went to a TGI Friday's eatery in Texas this week to have lunch with a friend - only to discover what she claims to be bits of bacon deliberately stuffed inside her drink straw.

Queen, 32, a professional photographer and activist in the American Muslim community, took to her Facebook page to express her outrage at the stunt allegedly pulled off by a server who was apparently unhappy with her earlier request to leave bacon strips off the meal she had ordered.

'Whether your Muslim, Christian, or Jewish,' Queen wrote in a lengthy post about the incident, 'don’t ever just accept something like this and say nothing. They put bacon in the wrong girls [sic] straw.'

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