Saturday, October 19, 2013

'Fracking like oil & gas development on steroids, too risky to continue' (VIDEO)

Fracking is maiming and killing people and destroying water supplies by pumping hundreds of secret chemicals into the ground (VIDEO)

Looks like the Climategate and Global Warming Hoaxters are tying themselves to the anti-fracking protests (VIDEO)

Saturday is Global Frackdown Day - an international protest uniting activists worldwide, demanding a ban on shale gas drilling. 'Fracktivists', as they're known, want their authorities to hear the truth about the risks of the technology.

Demonstrations in Canada turned violent on Thursday with police using pepper spray and plastic bullets while trying to remove a blockade.

40 protesters were arrested, some of them threw molotov cocktails and set several police cars on fire.

For more perspective on fracking practice RT is joined by environmental activist Rose Braz.


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