Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Economist: There is no debt crisis (VIDEO)


Sunny said...

This was all done because of ObamaCare otherwise known as The Aforrable Care Act.

President Obama was the one being stubborn...this shutdown was only to stop any defunding on his so called affordable care act.

My insurance premiums went up because of this, and Medicare is paying less to my doctors. This IS NOT what I'd call AFFORDABLE.

Sunny said...

sorry for the typo in the first line ! Supposed to read The Affordable Care Act.

Chimp said...

Hi Sunny
I agree. The government has a way with words. It always means the opposite. So AFFORDABLE means NOT affordable, like the PATRIOT act means the UNPATRIOTIC Act. The act should be called OBAMA INSURANCE act as it forces Americans to buy medical insurance they can't afford.