Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why LEED is a joke (VIDEO)

Bank of America Tower in New York City is the biggest GREEN farce in the country (VIDEO)

The 80-year-old Empire State Building is GREENER than the 2 year old Bank of  America building in NYC (VIDEO)

n 2010, the Bank of America Tower in New York City received a LEED Platinum Certification. Its developer hawked it as the most sustainable in the country.

The press called it one of the world's most environmentally responsible high-rise office buildings.

Two years later, data released by New York City revealed that the Tower actually produces more greenhouse gases and uses more energy per square foot than any office building in Manhattan of its size.

It used twice as much energy as the Empire State Building, which was built 8 years ago. So what happened? The Resident (aka Lori Harfenist) discusses.

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