Sunday, August 18, 2013

Visible Proof That Oswald Was Innocent (VIDEO)

In poker, you have to calculate the odds of a guy drawing a certain card. For instance, the odds of drawing an inside straight are 1 in 13. So, let's size up the odds in this case.

The fact that both Oswald and Doorman look generally alike and are both wearing a loose-fitting outer shirt, that is unbuttoned, over a white t-shirt with a v-neck, creates, in itself, a strong likelihood that they are the same person.

Take the one issue of both shirts being unbuttoned. What percentage of men at work in the city go around with their shirt largely unbuttoned? Percentage-wise, it has got to be small. I don't know what it is exactly, but you'd have to agree that it could be no greater than 1 in 10. Right?

If you don't agree, then walk down the street in downtown Dallas, Texas or any other big city and start observing men, and keep track of how many are buttoned vs unbuttoned, and come up with your own number. Take a representative sample. I think 1 in 10 is actually too big, but we'll go with it. The simple fact is that: MOST MEN BUTTON UP.

Now, there's no doubt that Oswald was unbuttoned- he was unbuttoned when he was arrested. Plus, we know that his buttons were missing, so he had to be unbuttoned. But nobody reported Lovelady being unbuttoned, and in the one picture we have of him from that day, he was NOT unbuttoned.

Mathematically speaking, that one variable, by itself, creates strong odds that Doorman was Oswald and not Lovelady.

But then, you keep going. Both Oswald's and Doorman's shirts were loose-fitting, somewhat over-sized. The simple fact is that Oswald was thin and scrawny, and he didn't fill out his shirts too well, and you see the same thing in Doorman, whose shirt was billowing. Lovelady was a burly guy, in comparison, weighing 40 pounds more than Oswald. And that's why Lovelady's shirts fit snugly. Continued @ the link to the video

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