Saturday, August 10, 2013

The 'Australian Sarah Palin' Embarrasses Herself (VIDEO)

'Australian Sarah Palin' running for Parliament blames Main Stream Media for making her out to look like an idiot (VIDEO)

'Australian Sarah Palin' running for Parliament says "new disability program" working well (not yet in effect for 3 years )  (VIDEO)

'Australian Sarah Palin' running for Parliament says Jews follow Jesus Christ  (VIDEO)

'Australian Sarah Palin' running for Parliament says Islam is a country (VIDEO)

"If you need to know the differences between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, you probably shouldn't ask Australian nationalist politician Stephanie Banister.

The 27-year-old One Nation party candidate for parliament proved herself ignorant on key facts while discussing her policy beliefs with a 7News reporter Wednesday evening. At one point, she declared "Islam" to be a country; at another, she suggested the Jewish religion follows Christ; and another, she asserted a federal disability program was working quite well despite not going into effect for three more years."*

Is Stephanie Banister the Australian Sarah Palin...or is she even more of a joke?

The Australian nationalist politician is now trying to ban halal foods, based on hilariously bad religious misinformation.

Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadaorla, and Wes Clark Jr. discuss.

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