Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rockefeller Agenda To Feminize Men (VIDEO)

Many people might not be aware of it, but feminism was financed by the Rockefellers, not to help women, but to get them into the workforce, reduce everyone's wages, destroy the family unit and also have 2 incomes per household to tax!

We explore what it is to be decent men in an indecent time, how the generations are different especially because the vast majority of the audience to Vinny's youtube videos are between 35 and 65, while less than 1% are under 25!

Is the younger generation in trouble?

With the family unit nearing extinction and the separation of the youth from their elders has one of the fundamental powerhouses of humanity dying?

The wisdom and experience of age combined with the energy and creativity of youth can do remarkable things when working together, maybe that's an "oniontended" (unintended with many layers) side effect that benefits the New World Order.

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