Friday, August 9, 2013

Obama announces reforms to NSA surveillance programs (VIDEO)

Obama thinks the negative perception of the NSA must be changed, not the NSA spying policies (VIDEO)

Obama finally reacts to Edward Snowden's release of NSA information but sounds like whitewashing (VIDEO)

President Barack Obama held a press conference at the White House Friday afternoon where he discussed everything from the Federal Reserve to his hallmark health care plan.

The National Security Agency's surveillance programs took center stage, however, as Pres. Obama announced plans to reform the government's spy policies in the wake of disclosures made by NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

RT's Sam Sacks was at the White House for the Friday afternoon presser, and shares with Erin Ade the big take aways from the president's presentation.

Obama's NSA Spying Press Conference Break Down  (VIDEO)

Luke Rudkowski breaks down today's (08/09/13) Presidential press conference in which the focus was predominantly on the NSA spying program.

Luke points out many of the lies that Obama told today about the program by citing multiple articles with information that completely contradict what Obama said.

Luke shows just how easy it is to do your own research about these topics and how not to be fooled by the mainstream media's puppeteering of the government's narrative.

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