Monday, August 19, 2013

'Mafia tactic': UK detains Greenwald's partner under Terrorism Act for 9 hours (VIDEO)

Great Britain's profound attack on journalists who don't tote the official line (VIDEO)

Great Britain using intimidation against journalist working on NSA scandal  (VIDEO)

Great Britain sending a message by intimidating whistleblowing  journalists by using the UK Terrorism Act  (VIDEO)

The partner of journalist Glenn Greenwald was held at Heathrow airport under the UK Terrorism Act for the maximum time allowed before pressing charges.

Amnesty International dubbed the move an unwarranted revenge after Greenwald revealed NSA spy programs -


Glenn Greenwald Says His Partner Was Questioned SOLELY About What Guardian Was Publishing Next! (VIDEO)

Glenn Greenwald's Partner Detained At Airport Under U.K. Terrorism Act  (VIDEO)

Will the detention of Glenn Greenwald's Brazilian Partner Under U.K. Terrorism Act  create a rift between Brazil and UK?  (VIDEO)

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