Monday, August 19, 2013

Lethal drug shortage puts death row inmates on hold (VIDEO)

DRUG SHORTAGE TO EXECUTE DEATH ROW INMATES?  Have Obama put them on his assassination list! (VIDEO)

SOLUTION TO LETHAL DRUG SHORTAGE TO EXECUTE DEATH ROW INMATES:  Put them in the middle of the prison yard and send an Obama drone to do the job (VIDEO)

States across the US are running out of one of the most used drugs in the deadly concoction that kills death row inmates.

In the US, 3,000 inmates are currently on death row, and so far 23 have already been executed this year.

Danish drug maker Lundbeck is responsible for the shortage and said they will not provide the drug for executions.

Due to the lack of pentobarbital, the rest of those in line for justice may have to wait a little longer.

RT's Meghan Lopez has more.

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